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About Us | We Kare-A-Lot

We Kare-A-Lot Is A Progressive Organization Which Provides Competitive Services To Meet The Needs Of The Community.

We will maintain planned growth to fund the future while maintaining confidence through our clientele.

We will maintain a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees and contribute to the social and economic well-being of our community.

Our Vision…


The one that everyone talks about, wants to attend, and wants to be part of…


In Memory of Grandma Jean Ann Our beloved Reader

Born September 27, 1932 passed February 5, 2023

Grandma Jean Ann has worked for We Kare-A-Lot since September 20, 1991. She comes weekly to read to the children. She loves her job and loves being with the children. Grandma comes to our special functions so she can see the children celebrate. Grandma’s smile and giggle is infectious. She has been a true joy around Kare-A-Lot for all her dedication, love, crafts and stories.

Grandma will be deeply missed.

Academic Preschool Program

We Offer A Fully Academic Preschool Program. Quality Preschool Program With All The Eight Learning Areas Covered Daily.



Art and Art Appreciation

Language Arts

Social Studies





Experiential Learning Environment With The Use Of Manipulative Tools.

Firm, loving consistent approach to care
Love and Logic Strategy
Moral and Socially acceptable behavior education
Introduction to sign language and foreign languages
Patriotism Education
We are affiliated with the Early Head Start Program of Colorado
We participate in the Colorado Adult and Child Food Program
We participate with the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program

Meet Our Teachers


Miss Stephani



Miss Tanya

Assistant Director

Grandma Jean Ann

Grandma Jean Ann

Story Time Reader